The Best Horde Leveling Guide

Do You Want to Level Up in World of Warcraft With Lightning Speed? Discover Which Horde Leveling Guide Will Help You Reach Level 85 in Even Less Than 4 Days!

Everytime I started a new character, it took ages until I reached the level cap. I remember that leveling up my first character, in the days of Vanilla WoW took about 2 months, and everyday I had played about 3-4 hours. Can you imagine how much time I wasted?

Well, nowadays by using an elite Horde leveling guide, you can level up any character, from 1 to 85, in less than 4 days. That’s 85 levels, not just 60!

Anyway, trying to discover a solid Horde leveling guide, that really does the trick, I found out one thing. You won’t find a quality one for free. That sucks a little bit, I know, but given that fact, you must focus on not wasting your money on some crappy, thrown together, shallow guide.

Therefore, to stay away from any WoW leveling guide scam, I put together the following review. In these Horde leveling guide reviews, I’m going to point out the best, and most complete Horde leveling guides out there.

Horde Leveling Guide

Zygor's Leveling Guide for HordeZygor Guide

Zygor Guide is, no doubt, the best guide to level up a Horde character. It’s the one I actually chose too as my main leveling guide, and the last 3 characters that I’ve rolled, were taken to level 85 following the optimized quest paths of this excellent tool. It actually covers the whole Loremaster achievement, so you can use it to complete all the quests in the game under this achievement, and get the Loremaster title.

Zygor’s Horde leveling guide is completely in game, works like an addon, and has a very nice, super-friendly, customizable interface, being extremely easy to use. From a step to another, it updates automatically and also has a custom waypoint arrow and a talent advisor section. It has a smart injection system that will allow you to place your character in the right area, completing only the appropriate level quests.

What I liked the most about Zygor Horde leveling guide, apart from its very nice interface, is that it does not interfere with my other addons, works nicely in conjunction with Carbonite, Deadly Boss Mods, MapCoords and other addons that I have. And also, believe it or not, you can actually have this WoW leveling guide as an English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Chinese or Taiwanese version.

All in all, this Horde leveling guide solves the problem. Will take you to the level cap in about 4 days-played, even if you don’t use Heirlooms, or don’t have any XP bonuses.

The price is a bit spicy, 40$ for the Horde version of this leveling guide. But as I said, quality is never free. Anyway, the beautiful part is that there’s also an Alliance leveling section and you can get them both for a very nice discount. Also, you will get plenty of bonuses like the Auctioneer Appraiser Guide, a Guild Leveling Perks Guide and a few others.


Horde Leveling Guide

Dugi's Leveling Guide for Horde

Dugi Guide

The second best Horde leveling guide on this list has to be Dugi’s. It also has a nicely optimized quest path and it is completely in game. Just like the first I mentioned, Dugi Guide works like an addon. You simply download it, unzip it and load it into your World of Warcraft addons section.

Dugi Horde leveling guide also has automatic step detection and an insertion system that allows you to plug your character into the appropriate quest content. Comes with a customized waypoint arrow which will always show you the way to your next objective.

However, the interface isn’t as friendly as Zygor’s. You either see one step in the quest path, which will display a detailed description on mouse hovering, or you open the whole guide, which will cover a big chunk of your screen.

Anyway, Dugi’s Horde leveling guide is a bit cheaper than Zygor’s, only 30$ but it doesn’t offer that many bonuses, only a talent guide. Of course, there’s also an Alliance leveling guide version for the same price and if you get them both, you will get a nice discount.

Booster Guide

Last but not least, Booster Guide, similar to Dugi’s, has a quest path rigorously optimized, and will take you to the level cap in about 4 days. It’s also in-game, functioning like an addon.The interface is also similar to Dugi’s Horde leveling guide, you either see one step in the quest path, or the whole guide, which covers a pretty big part of the screen. Automatic tracker, custom waypoint arrow, insertion system and the objective dots that will appear on your map, are also features of this guide. On top of that you will get a talent and glyph helper and access to WoWhead comments which may be helpful for certain quests.

What I want to add here, is that Booster Horde leveling guide gets a bit glitchy in conjunction with a few addons like, MetaMap, TomTom or Cartographer. To make sure it will work like a charm, it’s best to disable these addons. You won’t be needing them anyway.

Booster guides also include an Alliance leveling guide version. Each one of the leveling guides, Horde or Alliance cost 37$ and, of course, if you get them both, you will get a discount.

Horde Leveling Guide Review – Conclusions

All three guides I mentioned above are solid, have fast and rigorously optimized leveling paths. Following these WoW leveling guides you will be able to hit the level cap as fast as possible, even within less than 4 days.

However, I placed Zygor’s as number one due to its sweet and flexible interface and the nice amount of bonuses it comes with. In my opinion, it’s quite a bit more consistent than the other two.

Anyway, each Horde leveling guide I reviewed here, is up to date, all come with free lifetime updates and have a 60 days money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied. Therefore, you can be sure they are not scams and they will really enhance your leveling speed and experience. Also, I invite you to check out the Horde Leveling Journal here, where you can see, step-by-step, my brother’s whole progress leveling up a Paladin, from 1 to 85, following Zygor’s leveling path.

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Preparing Your Gold For Mists Of Pandaria

Horde Female Pandaren Monk

Mists of Pandaria hasn’t come yet, but we all have to be gold-wise prepared for the release of this patch. You probably are aware that prices for all the crap and also valuable items will be through the roof for the first 1-2 months after the release. So, to have some gold for the gear, enchantments and for the leveling up of your professions above level 525, you’ll need a good amount gold.

Even though the following tips aren’t for leveling, it will indirectly help you out with your Horde leveling in Mists of Pandaria. Here are a few gold making tips that will have you settled for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion.

1. While waiting for the release of MoP, most players have started to play their twink characters once more. Therefore, the need enchantments to fit on Heirloom weapons. So, if you have an enchanter, you might want to craft and sell a couple of Enchant Weapon – Agility, Enchant Weapon – Crusader and Enchant Weapon – Spellpower. They usually go for up to 8-900g.

2. The prices for Primals have gone up, especially for Primal Air and Primal Water. If you have an engineer character, with the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you might want to have an excursion to Nagrand and gather some Primal Air and Water. You’ll make nice profits with these.

3. Vanity pets prices have gone bananas lately. Everyone is increasing their pets collection, preparing for the “WoW pokemon battles” in Pandaria. There are a couple of vanity pets that you might want to farm. Best examples I can give you, are: the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, the Disgusting Oozeling, the Crimson Whelpling, and any of the Argent Crusade pets, if you have the tokens and the reputation to buy them.

4. In case you have Honor Points gathered and you don’t know what to do with them, purchase WotLK gems and sell them in AH. You will make nice profits this way. Or even higher profits, if you have a jewelcrafter and you can cut them into jewels that aren’t for sale at all.

Mists of Pandaria – Leveling Tips For Monks

Horde Pandaren MonkIf you’re rolling up a Monk in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, you probably would want to reach level 90 as quickly as possible. In that case, here are some leveling tips

Tips for Instance Leveling

Choose the Brewmaster or Mistweaver spec. And I also have to add here, that as a Brewmaster is even better to level up in instances. That’s because being the tank, you can influence the movement  of the group throughout the whole instance.

With a bit of heirlooms on you, you won’t need that much healing in instances up to level 70. Anyway, being a tank or a healer will get you assigned to a group more quickly.

Your talents for instance leveling as a Brewmaster, should be:

  • Tiger’s Lust
  • Chi Burst
  • Ascension
  • Leg Sweep
  • Diffuse Magic
  • Invoke Xuen

As a Mistweaver, it’s best to go with the following talents:

  • Tiger’s Lust
  • Zen Sphere
  • Chi Brew
  • Deadly Reach
  • Diffuse Magic
  • Chi Torpedo

If leveling via instances, don’t skip any bosses. In certain instances (Blackrock Depths, for example), you can complete the dungeon finder quest quickly, by going directly to the end boss, or skipping some of the bosses along with the trash mobs to them. That’s a waste of XP. It is a bit tedious to clear an instance with 10-15 bosses, but you get tons of XP, gear, cloth scraps and gold in the process.

Tips for Battlegrounds Leveling

Regardless of the spec you choose, if you want to level up in battlegrounds, it would be best to join up with a buddy or two. A mini-premade group can weight a lot for your team, increasing their chances of winning considerably. Winning almost every BG will grant you a lot of XP and Honor Points.

In weekends, make sure you join the weekend special BG, for the double XP bonus. And if the weekend special BG is Alterac Valley, it would be best for you not to miss this XP bonus opportunity. A won Alterac Valley BG during an AV weekend special grants a lot of XP.

Tips for Questing

Questing still remains the fastest way to level up in WoW. Especially with a few heirlooms on you, you will fly through the levels, no matter if you play a Monk or any other class. However, knowing what you have to do immediately for a quest matters a lot. That’s why it’s best to work with an in-game WoW leveling addon. And Zygor Horde leveling guide is one of the best I know.

If you level up by questing, you will gain a lot of additional XP if you train Herbalism. Also, make sure you don’t skip zones with tons of clustered quests like Eastern Plaguelands or Hillsbrad Foothills.

Should you go off-course?

When using a leveling guide, it can be very tempting to simply follow all the instructions to the letter despite being curious about the places and NPCs you might see along the way. Group quests you won’t do, or places you’ll never visit – it’s sure to bother you. But is it worth going off-course for a while to see what may be just beyond the remit of your leveling guide?

The answer is sure, of course, as long as when you want to use it again it has the capability to direct you from the stage you are at after your exploration period has finished. Whether you’re telling your WoW friends about a cool easter egg you found in Un’Goro Crater over a partypoker game that evening or you’re just curious as to what that giant mob is in the distance, feel free if you can get back on track!

If you can’t, think about this in advance – do not spend money on leveling guides if you’re not going to use them in a way that won’t break them once you hit level 12 and wander off into the Barrens, never to be seen by your leveling guide add-on again. Go for something that’s a series of YouTube videos, for example, as it means you can set up and pick up where you left off without too much difficulty.

If you’ve never used a leveling guide before or never played WoW before, then it may be tempting to go via the organic route. After a couple of characters in one faction though, it can be tempting for the third to just soar through to max level, and this is where leveling guides become extremely useful for the career WoW player. So don’t worry – as long as your guide is as flexible as you are, you’re all set to wander off and do that out-of-the-way quest chain for a level or so.

WoW Horde Guide – Is It For Everyone?

Thinking about using a WoW Horde guide but are not sure about it? Well if you are worried that such a guide can’t help you, you are mistaken. There has yet to be a player that didn’t find a leveling guide helpful, no matter what character they were leveling up.

The leveling guides were made for the less experienced players. That is why they were very simple and only stuck with the basics. Over time, they became even more efficient and still retained their simple nature. That is why today, anyone can use a WoW Horde guide to level up a lot quicker in the game.

Even the elite players use such guides to make sure they have the best possible leveling route. It is hard ever for them to remember what route they took. This is because WoW is very big right now. So if the elite players use such a guide, the regular ones should use them too.

Especially now when the new expansion, Mists Of Pandaria, is coming. Having a WoW Horde Guide will mean that you can either level your characters to the new cap faster, or level the new class that is coming. Either way, such a leveling guide will give you a lot of attention and the respect of other players when they see how efficient you are in PvE.

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