Using a Horde guide is pretty much the best way to get better at World of Warcraft. A good guide, which are usually for money, will show you what you need to do in great detail. But there are also free guides, that aren’t as well made as the paid ones. Not only that, but some are just glued information found on the Internet from different sources.

Have you ever asked in General Chat something about the game? If you have, you know how the answers look like. They were either very short and you couldn’t make something of it, or simply inaccurate. Well when you use a Horde guide, it is exactly like that. Only the answers you get are always accurate and the best ones. For instance, when you use a leveling guide, you will level quicker. This is because the guides are made now to be fool proof. No matter how bad you are at the game, as long as you know how to kill a monster and talk to a NPC, a leveling guide will level you faster.

And it goes pretty much the same with any Horde guide out there. A gold guide will definitely teach you and show you how to make gold in WoW easily, while a PvP guide will be the mentor will need to excel in PvP. So if you want to level up like a pro and not waste time, you need a solid Horde Guide.

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