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I know this sounds more like a PvP guide, but winning in any battleground while leveling, you’ll get much more XP than if your faction loses. Like many other players, I really like to level up in BGs and here’s a 3 steps Horde PvP leveling strategy that I usually follow when joining as a solo player in a Warsong Gulch battleground, to significantly increase the chances of my team to win the battle.

Step 1.  As soon as the doors opens, I don’t follow the rest of the team down through the GY or the tunnel, I always run down to the ramp, as fast as possible, to get the Berserking buff. I remain there, hidden, untill the enemies pass through there, into our base and attack one of the last players in their group, trying to kill him (or her). Even if I succeed or not, 2-3 players will remain to fight me, and their group will divide. This puts my team into advantage.

Step 2. If I don’t die attacking the other player (with a rogue, I vanish), the next step is to intercept the opposite team’s flag carrier. If I manage to do that, my team has a big chance of capping the first flag, if they pass through middle as a group, protecting our flag carrier.

If I died during step 1, I usually run into the base as I get the resurrection, trying to keep one of their healers busy in our base, leaving the opposite team’s flag carrier with less heals.

Step 3. As a 3rd step of this little Horde PvP leveling strategy, I remain in base defending, if our team has successfully capped 1 flag. Everytime one group of attackers come for our flag, even if I cannot kill them alone, I report which way they took the flag, letting my team know where to intercept them. In case they come more than 2-3, I always try to keep one of their healers behind.

If after the first clash of arms the score remains 0-0, both flags being returned, I take a place in defense as well. In my team fails to cap the first flag and it’s 1-0 for the Alliance, then I go and fight in the middle or try to steal a flag.

I hope this Horde PvP leveling strategy will help you out in winning Warsong Gulch battlegrounds and maximize your honor gains there, and also raise the amount of XP if you’re leveling up.

Anyway, in case you don’t like leveling via BGs, I strongly recommend to work with a quest guide. They have optimized questing paths that will allow you to level up any character much faster. If you don’t know which are the best guides for leveling a Horde character, check out these Horde Leveling Guide Reviews.

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